The Curly Bob Hairstyles For Genuinely Marvelous Looks

1. Curly Wedge Haircut. 

Give your bob some highlights to make it look brighter and a messy style. The bangs that curl are a very cute touch.

2. Feminine Voluminous Bob. 

Why do you think everyone wants a bob cut? It does wonderful things for your curls.

3. Elegant Afro Bob. 

You can show off your natural curls with a layered lob haircut that is full and fluffy, and you can frame your face with a fringe. 

4. Curly Asymmetrical Bob. 

Asymmetry in curly hair is not as clear and obvious as it is in straight hair, but it still works and adds a lot of interest to a simple cut.

5. Asymmetrical Curly Angled Bob. 

Everyone loves the angled bob because it's so famous. Why? It works on any hair type and makes styling your hair easier.

6. Tall Messy Olive Blonde Bob. 

Keep your roots raw and color your curls a beautiful shade of blonde. It works like magic!

7. Short Curly Bob. 

Take a look at how this great rounded bob haircut looks from the back. It looks like a fluffy, wavy cloud!

8. Dark Brown Curly Bob. 

This look is not only beautiful, but it's also very glam. Use a side part to make this cute lob look its best.

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