Super Hot Bob Haircuts That’ll Make You Go For Chop

1. Short Shaggy Bob. 

We love all of the different Bob styles, from shoulder-length to super short shaggy crops. Get that grunge look from the '90s as soon as possible.

2. Short Layered Bob. 

Miss those cute beach waves in the winter? You can get that beachy texture all year long by using a beach spray before you style your hair.

3. Messy Bob Haircut. 

This hairstyle gives off a carefree vibe while still looking stylish. You can comb your hair over to give it more volume and add to the messy look.

4. Natural Gray Curls. 

You could even make them look better by adding lowlights and loose curls. We love how beautiful the bob cut makes the different shades of gray look.

5. Stacked Bob Haircut. 

A messy bob cut is a style that many people want. Even so, not everyone can do it. But if your hair is naturally curly, you are one of the lucky ones, and you can be sure that this cut will look great on you.

6. Chopped Center-Parted Bob. 

The middle part looks good on everyone. Long bob hairstyles make you look a little mysterious because they cover the sides of your face. We mean this in the best way possible.

7. Textured Layered Shag. 

Huge fringe warning! Use dry shampoo to give your shaggy, layered bob more bounce and style it however you want.

8. Bob for Thick Hair. 

Look at the surface! For a sexy, mysterious look, choose longer bangs that reach past your eyebrows.

9. Textured Brown Lob with Face-Framing Highlights. 

The soft highlights in this tousled style bring out the features of the face and give the natural brown base more depth.

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