Over 10,000 Pounds of Frozen Burritos Recalled

Organic food company Nature's Path recalled two frozen waffles last week due to an undisclosed allergy. Another freezer aisle favorite is being taken from stores. 

Frozen Mexican food maker Don Miguel Foods recalled over 10,000 pounds of their carne asada burritos. The reason? Listeria may have infected ready-to-eat meals.

The recall notification on the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) website said that laboratory tests suggested the food was tainted with bacteria. The FSIS learned that some contaminated burritos were sold.

The recall said that all affected burritos were made on Sept. 27. They were available at Kroger and Walmart.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1,600 individuals get listeriosis each year after eating listeria-contaminated food. 

Listeria is most likely to infect pregnant women, babies, seniors, and persons with compromised immune systems. Listeria can infect others, although they seldom get sick.

No Don Miguel burrito recall-related adverse events have been reported. The FSIS advised buyers to throw the items away or return them to the store.

Each recalled burrito has the date code D23270 on the packaging and the establishment number "EST. 20049" inside the USDA stamp of inspection.

Don Miguel Foods Consumer Engagement may be reached at 800-523-4635 or via an online form with recall inquiries.