How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Use Vertical Space To 'Lift' The Ceiling

It works because the fabulous interior design team at Kitesgrove have used the vertical space to create built-in storage, and made the room feel larger as a result.

Fit A Bed Under The Eaves

When looking for beds for small rooms, a cabin bed should be just what you are after.

Invest In Handleless Storage

Sleek, clean and fuss-free, handleless bedroom storage brings a streamlined and contemporary edge to your space.

Exaggerate Vertical Space With Vertical Panels

Whether you have a high ceiling in your space or not, you can make a small bedroom look bigger by exaggerating the room's ceiling height with vertical panels or stripes.

Pick A Tall Headboard

When space is tight, you can use clever headboard to make it feel bigger.

Paint Walls In A Barely There Color

This is where soft, light colors work best, so go for a soft, nuanced white bedroom or delicate pastel shades.

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