Do-It-Yourself Dog Training Tips

Don’t Shut The Door

Whatever you do, don’t throw treats inside the crate and then slam the door shut behind your pup. When your pooch enters the crate willingly, leave the door open the first few times

Make A Cozy Den

Crate training your pup, but it’s not going too well? We’ve all been there. To overcome this, try making their crate into a cozy den to make it feel safer and more secure.

Add Positive Interrupter Cues

Got a barky dog? If this is down to bad behavior, think of the number of barks you’re happy with and then introduce a ‘thank you’ cue that directs your dog to another behavior.

Offer Up Distractions

Offering distractions to your dog can help to soothe your pup until the patchy weather has passed. Healthy chews and snacks could work.

Provide Some Background Noise

Or, you could always try muffling or disguising the thunder with some white noise or classical music.

Prepare A Safe Space

f you live in a thunderstorm-stricken area, or there’s news of a forecasted bad spate of weather, being able to calm your dog down is always a handy trick to have up your sleeve

Shorten The Leash

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