Christmas Nail Ideas That Will Make Your Most Merry Holidays Ever

No matter how many months out of the year you keep peppermints in your purse, the classic hard candy suddenly feels seasonal once winter rolls around.

Hard-candy Christmas

The idea of nail art as we know it is fairly new—nail paint has only been around for a little over a hundred years—but Emily Zheng's design feels like it will never go out of style.

Forest and foil

A classic French manicure is always appropriate, but its white tips feel especially snowy when accompanied by the cutest holly accents.

Festive French manicure

It's not necessary for a winter manicure to have all the bells and whistles to look beautiful. Sascha Rios, a nail artist from Los Angeles, used neutral colors for the tips, which make them look like icy champagne.

Ethereal ends

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From nail to nail, Haas's shimmery gold theme changes a bit. There are French tips, a solid nail, and lines that move around. The nail that looks like a gift is our best, though.

Golden gifts

You can get a French manicure with red tips instead of white tips any time of the year. But Hayley Dang, a nail artist at Bellacures salon, made them look especially Christmassy with a few simple touches on one accent nail. 

Tip Santa’s hat

Your five gold rings will be replaced by eight silver rings. Nail artist Rebecca Ramsdale from Toronto started this ridiculously cool manicure with a sheer beige base. Then she added silver stripes that are shiny, raised, and curve across several nails.

Silver rings

Without using any green at all, Haas gets the magic of Christmas trees in this sweet holiday piece. Finely painted black leaves that curve to fit the shape of each nail are set off by a pink base that is almost white.

Pining for the holidays

This is something that nail artist Gabi De la Cruz has found a way to add to your manicure. For the base, she used a peachy-beige color and drew thin lines in Christmas red and green from the tips of the nails to about a third of the way down.

Tinsel tips