9 Hairstyles That Flatter Square Faces

A layered bob can look great on square faces because it makes your cheekbones stand out and slims your face without drawing attention to your chin.

1. Layered Bob

Along with flowing layers through the rest of your hair, ask your stylist to start the first layer around your chin. This will help soften your jawline and give your hair more volume. 

2. Bouncy Layers

The lob is the perfect compromise between short hair and long hair and it just so happens to look amazing on square-shaped faces.

3. Textured Lob

A short, stacked bob is great for square faces, but an angled bob can also look great. Ask for an uneven cut at the salon. The pieces in the front should be longer, and the pieces at the back should be shorter.

4. Angled, Asymmetrical Bob

You can totally rock bangs on a square face, the key is finding the right style of bangs. In this case, you’d want to opt for side-swept bangs instead of blunt bangs.

5. Side-Swept Bangs

Sometimes, it’s not so much about changing up your haircut — switching up your part can totally transform the way your face looks.

6. Deep Side Part

There’s no need to skip out on a short, edgy style like a pixie haircut when you have a square face. Try a shaggy take on this classic short cut, as the piecey nature of this style will create balance with your strong jawline

7. Shaggy Pixie

Yes, layers work well with a square face shape but what if you don’t want layers? If you don’t love the look or upkeep of a layered haircut, ask your stylist for long, internal layers.

8. Long Internal Layers

A wolf cut combines the modern mullet and the ‘70s shag cut. It’s a laid-back style with lots of layers, texture and movement.

9. Wolf Cut With Bangs