8 Telltale Signs That Your Hair Is Damaged

If your hair is dull and lacks shine, and it soaks up light instead of reflecting it, some damage has happened. Hair that is healthy should be shiny, springy, and soft to the touch.

Hair Isn’t Shiny or Bouncy

Sometimes hair breakage isn’t apparent until you see the aftermath weeks or months later. The tips of your hair can be very telling, so pay attention to this area.

Ends are Thinned Out

Ever think about why your hair doesn't seem to grow or stays the same length even after a long time? Blades says this means your hair isn't having a great time.

It’s Not Growing

Keep an eye out for a crunchy feeling in your hair after you wash it. This is a clear sign that your hair isn't healthy, says Lehman.

Hair is Crunchy or Stiff When Wet

Chemical, sun, and heat damage can all make hair look dull and dry, and it seems to break off easily. But Blades says there's another sneaky cause to think about.

Your Hair Feels Brittle

Bad hair days should be a one off—not the norm. If you’re consistently dealing with unruly strands then this could be a sign your hair is damaged. Healthy hair feels silky, soft, and strong.

It’s Hard to Manage

Along with hair that looks dull and flat, watch out for hair that breaks. "Hair that is color treated, exposed to the sun for a long time, or in dry conditions can become dry,"

You’re Dealing with Breakage

There are many reasons why hair can get tangled, and people with thin hair often have this problem. If, on the other hand, you find that tangling is getting worse, it could mean that your hair is damaged.

There’s Lots of Tangling