8 Foods That Aren't Doing Your Cholesterol Any Favors

Fried Foods: Foods like French fries, fried chicken, and fried snacks are often high in unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats, which can raise LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Processed Meats: Deli meats, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs are typically high in saturated fats and cholesterol, which can contribute to elevated LDL cholesterol levels.

Butter and Margarine: Both butter and certain margarine brands contain high levels of saturated fats, which can increase LDL cholesterol levels when consumed in excess.

Baked Goods: Pastries, cakes, cookies, and other baked goods often contain trans fats and saturated fats from ingredients like butter, shortening, and hydrogenated oils, which can raise LDL cholesterol.

Fast Food Burgers: Fast food burgers are often made with fatty cuts of meat, processed cheese, and mayonnaise, all of which can contribute to high levels of unhealthy fats and cholesterol.

Full-Fat Dairy Products: Whole milk, cheese, and ice cream contain saturated fats that can raise LDL cholesterol levels. Opting for low-fat or non-fat dairy products can be a healthier choice.

Packaged Snack Foods: Snack foods like chips, crackers, and snack cakes often contain trans fats, saturated fats, and high levels of sodium, all of which can negatively impact cholesterol levels.

Coconut Oil and Palm Oil: While touted as healthy alternatives to other oils, coconut oil and palm oil are high in saturated fats, which can raise LDL cholesterol levels when consumed in large amounts.


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