15 Easy, Fast-Growing Flower Seeds for Impatient Gardeners

California Poppy

 California poppies are a popular choice for gardeners of all abilities.They endure dryness and can grow in many soils.


Our summertime staple, the sunflower, grows quickly and has a big effect with its colorful heads.


Snapdragons provide color and vibrancy to any garden with names like Candy Tops Red and Chantilly White.


Flowers like this are Round's favorites. In recent years, calendula blossoms have come in pastel yellow and pink colors in addition to orange.


My garden uses nasturtium blooms to attract aphids away from more sensitive plants, but they're beautiful.

Spider Flower

The spider flower (cleome) is an old-fashioned plant, but Hancock likes its “distinct look” of flower spikes on long stems.


Hancock calls nigella an underappreciated cool-season annual that merits recognition.


Hancock notes that larkspur blooms about three months from planting the seed, and it’s the perfect flower to accent your garden.


The stunning cosmos will take about seven weeks to bloom, and once it does you’ll get flowers until the end of your growing season

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