10 Most Addictive Snacks In The World

Commenters concurred that Haribo and Albanese are the superior gummy bear brands today.

Gummy Bears

Pringles fans state no flavor is safe around them. Each Pringles lover says they eat the crisped snack by the can, from honey mustard to sour cream and onion to cheddar.


My cousin used to eat a bag of Doritos every day. She lounged on the couch, turned on whatever popular sitcom aired that week, and saved the cheesiest chips for last.


I had a friend in high school who ate two Zebra Cakes daily for lunch.

Zebra Cakes

Several users claim Smartfood's White Cheddar Popcorn is the most addicting snack.

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

Oreo sustains its reputation as the best vegan store-bought cookie. Every flavor works well, especially chocolate-coated mint cookies left in the freezer for a few hours.


Many think Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout cookie flavor.

Thin Mints

The baked, square, bite-size cheese crackers amassed a large following after entering the world in 1921.


A user avers the honey BBQ variation of Fritos Twists were the only food they tasted during their time diagnosed with COVID-19, and they think they remain alive because of the corn twists.

Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ

Dot's Pretzels' tagline reads, "The snack you didn't know you needed — once you start, you can't stop!"

Dot's Pretzels